Wed 30.1. 6:30 pm — Open House Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot

Celebrating the first Movie Night in the spring semester, the German House will invite everyone to free pizza and soft drinks. We’ll start early so we have time to eat and socialize. The movie will start around 8 p.m. without trailer show.


From the International Movie Datebase: This movie took me completely by surprise. I had read a favorably inclined review in which it was mentioned that the film gave an interesting outlook on the effects of catholicism on children. It does so indeed, yet without ever ridiculing its subject or characters. And as if that were not enough, the film is at the same time incredibly funny.

11-year-old Sebastian is the main character who learns from his elder brother that their mother died when Sebastian was born. While this was intended as some sort of punishment for some mischief the boy was up to, the impact this news has on him was not to be foreseen… afraid of having to end up in purgatory for his sin, Sebastian is looking for ways to make himself immortal. The solutions that are suggested to him by his immediate environment are mostly questionable – yet Sebastian is more than willing to heed any advice to redeem himself.

What follows is a wild goose chase for salvation, leaving the spectator marveling at Sebastian’s ingenuity and laughing about the misinterpretations that may occur when parents and teachers try to understand their children.