Das Wunder von Bern – Wed 1 Oct 8 pm

The state of the Ruhr area in the summer of 1954: After ten years in Soviet captivity, Richard Lubanski returns home and doesn’t understand what the world has come to. His wife Christa has supported the family on her own, and his grown-up kids live their own lives. His youngest, whom he has never seen before, goes crazy about soccer players that Lubanski has never heard of, especially about Helmut „the Boss“ Rahn, a player of the soccer team called Rot-Weiß-Essen.

While Lubanski is desperately struggling to find his place in this strange new world, the world’s best soccer teams compete at the World Cup in Switzerland – and as if by miracle, the German underdogs make it into the final against the Hungarians. The 4th of July in 1954 is going to be the day when every-thing will be decided…