Movie Night: „Herr Lehmann“


Showing on Tuesday, 17 Feb. at 8 pm

Herr Lehmann’s name is actually Frank, but as he will turn thirty soon, everybody simply calls him „Herr Lehmann“. Herr Lehmann is the patron saint of all those barkeepers, beer-consumers, and lovers of absurd conversations who have ensconced themselves in Berlin-Kreuzberg in the year 1989. While great social upheaval is advancing in the Eastern part of the city, unexpected things also enter into Herr Lehmann’s life: A pushy dog, his parents‘ visit, his love for the beautiful cook Katrin, his best friend Karl and a strange drinker of Kristallweizen cause a lot of trouble in no time at all, and Herr Lehmann has his hands full to master these challenges. And then, thirtieth birthday of all days, the Berlin Wall comes down as well …