Movie Night: „Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei“

Showing on Tuesday, 24 March, at 8 pm.


About the movie:
Jan (Daniel Brühl from „Good Bye Lenin“) and Peter are the best friends behind the radical and mysterious group Die Erziehungsberechtigten (The Edukators), united by their passion to change the world. When the rich go on vacation, The Edukators break into their homes. They don’t steal, but simply rearrange everything, leaving the message „Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei“ (your days of plenty are numbered).
When Peter’s girlfriend Jule (Julia Jentsch from „Sophie Scholl“) moves in, she joins them in their subversive activities. But when a rich businessman catches them in the act, they rashly decide to kidnap him. Faced with the values of the generation in power, they will see what kind of revolutionaries they are, if their friendship can survive, and discover if they truly work in the interest of a greater good, or just in their own self-interest. Passions rage and loyalties shatter in this exciting film by director Hans Weingartner.