Poetry Performance

The German House proudly presents an evening of poetry and music with German artist Michael Lohr.

The German poet and musician will be reading and performing his poetry in the German House on Wednesday, April 15th, at 6 pm.

Michael Lohr’s poems and songs have been published in several anthologies and he is especially known for Blues/Folk/Jazz in „Eiffler Mundart“ (the dialect of the Eiffel region in Germany). Since 1977 Lohr has been performing his own songs o stage, either solo or in a duo, currently with the duos 2Do Jazz and Con Alma.

Join us for our fascinating & entertaining end-of-semester event in the German House.

Movie Night: „Gegen die Wand“

Showing on Wednesday, 8 April, at 8 pm


About the movie:
40-year-old Cahit is brought into a psychiatric clinic after attempting suicide and sets out to start a new life, even as he longs for drugs and new alcohol to numb his pain.
Sibel is young, pretty, and, like Cahit, Turkish-German. She lives a lifestyle that is a bit too wild for her devout, conservative Muslim family, and fakes a suicide attempt to try and escape them. But the incident brings shame upon her family, who insist that only marriage can save her.
Sibel begs cahit to marry her and he reluctantly agrees, perhaps in an effort to save her and to find meaning in his own life. Initially the two share an appartment and little else as Sibel sees other men and Cahit continues to have flings with his on-again, off-again girlfriend. Gradually, however, Cahit begins to fall in love with Sibel and she, in turn, comes to realize that she loves him – but not before an incident of jealous violence tests this fledgling romance. When Cahit is sent to jail and Sibel flees to Turkey, her heart, mind, and soul remain with him – but for how long?