Movie Night | Kebap Connection (2004) | 03.03.10 | 8pm

In Hamburg, Ibrahim „Ibo“ Secmez, of Turkish descent, wants to direct the first German kung-fu movie. For now, he makes commercials for his uncle’s kebab restaurant. Titzie, an aspiring actress and Ibo’s German girlfriend, finds she’s pregnant. Ibo is uncertain about fatherhood – compounded by his father’s disowning him for getting a German girl pregnant – so Titzie sends him packing. He makes attempts at getting it right, but as the birth approaches, he’s still not ready. In the background are three thugs in search of good tripe soup and a Capulet-Montegue feud between the kebab joint and a Greek taverna across the street. Can Ibo be the glove upon that hand?

…with Norah Tschirner (Keinohrhasen)

Movie Night | Veronika Voss| 02.17.2009 | 8pm


Die Sehnsucht der Verkonika Voss

Munich, 1955: A sports journalist meets Veronika Voss, an UFA actress who supposedly had an affair with Goebbels. Now declining, Voss is kept by her „kind“ doctor, Dr. Kart, supplying her house, food, clean clothes and her favourite: morphine. Voss, trying to come back towards the cinema, cannot perform an absurdly simple scene, but it attracts the attention of the journalist, who suspects that something’s very wrong regarding her doctor.

APPLY TILL FEBRUARY 15th | Summer Program 2010

A Summer in Germany:

A wonderful opportunity to enjoy the advantages of studying abroad during your summer break.

June 1 until July 23, 2010

Experience Germany, Dortmund and the Ruhr Area

The upcoming summer program will focus on German culture in local, European and global contexts. As Germany’s largest polycentric, metropolitan region, the Ruhr Area will be the European Capital of Culture 2010, whose events and cultural activities will be incorporated in the program. You can select from a variety of courses, e.g. „Hip Hop on the Ruhr,“ „Representations of Dortmund: Constructions of Urban Space,“ „The Ruhr – Convergence of Industry, High Tech and Culture,“ „The Identity and Representation of Representation of Teenagers in Germany and America.“ In these classes, American and other international students will join Germans to explore together and from different perspectives the new developments on German and European culture. German language classes for all proficiency levels will complement the course offering.


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