Through the generous support of the University of Virginia and the Max-Kade-Foundation in New York, the Department maintains a German House for undergraduate students. A native German graduate student and a UVa undergraduate oversee the house as resident staff. The German House is located at 583 Brandon Avenue in Bice House.

The German House has become the University’s center for German culture, and is an ideal meeting place for undergraduates, graduates and faculty of the department. It serves as a site for colloquia and discussion groups. Besides bi-weekly screenings of German films, there are annual celebrations of typical German holydays and festivities such as Day of the German Reunion, Oktoberfest and Fasching. Furthermore, the residents organize hiking tours, concerts and poetry readings as well as their daily “Haus Dinners”. In addition, they host receptions to current German and European political and social events, like the 2005 Elections or the 2006 Soccer World Championships, so that faculty and students of all disciplines can experience them from a German perspective. For information regarding the German House, contact the departmental Office via phone at (434) 924-3530 or via email at germandepartment@virginia.edu.

German House
583 Brandon Avenue
Bice Apt 205-207
Charlottesville, VA 22903

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