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Come to Dortmund on the UVA – DORTMUND EXCHANGE!

This well established exchange program has enriched the careers of students of the German language at UVa as well as those of students in virtually every other department. The University of Dortmund has deigned an infrastructure to especially welcome students and faculty from the University of Virginia. Every year both universities, in cooperation with the University of Bochum, exchange visiting faculty to mutually enrich their curriculum.

This program offers the unique opportunity…

  • …to learn the German language either based on previous language experiences or entirely “from scratch”
  • …to expand your expertise in your field of study in some of the top 10 academic departments in Europe
  • …to experience the culturally brooding atmosphere in Germany’s most densely populated area with its over 6 Million inhabitants
  • …to experience the German culture “off the beaten track”

Teaching and researching for the future

In the west of Dortmund, just a few minutes from the heart of the Westphalian metropolis, the Campus of the University of Dortmund is situated. 24,000 students are preparing themselves well for their future careers. 3000 scientists as well as technically trained employees are working here.

The University of Dortmund combines academic tradition with modern programs to guarantee the exquisite quality of teaching and research. Established in the sixties as an answer to the structural crises of the former coal and steel district it has enriched the educational scenery with new and partly unique offers and thus acquired the reputation of an innovative reform school. With successful partnerships with universities and scientific institutions in the whole world the University of Dortmund is rooted firmly in the international science community.

The Dortmund Experience

Under this telling headline, the University of Dortmund invites students from all over the world to join their German colleagues in an academic as well as cultural endeavor which is founded on one goal: to expand students’ horizons. Please ask for the Dortmund Experience brochure at the UVA International Office in Minor Hall, in the German Department or in the German Haus in Bice 207-205 on 583 Brandon Avenue.

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