German Theater

Every spring semester, the German Department stages a play that is directed by a graduate student who is assisted by an undergraduate student. The play (GERM 3220) carries 3 credit hours and is usually performed at the end of April. It is sponsored by the Max Kade Foundation and has attracted large crowds in recent years. This year the Danielle Pisechko will direct the course, German Drama: Stage Production.

German Drama in Spring 2014: Bertolt Brecht’s Baal 

GERM 3220 provides the unique opportunity for students to fully immerse themselves in a work of German literature by reading it, discussing it, and most importantly– performing it. The play will be Bertolt Brecht’s early drama Baal. This selection will enable the class to delve into Brecht’s theories of performance and allow the students a great deal of creative license. At the end of the semester there will be two public performances, which each student must take part in. Every production has its own technical requirements, therefore some actresses/actors may have to double as costume designers, stage architects, prop builders, lighting techs, and/or sound engineers. Any expertise in these areas will prove useful but is not at all required. Please also note that previous acting experience is great, but not necessary. During our ongoing analysis and performance of the play, students will benefit from the chance to improve in every aspect of their German language skills.

Expectations: Weekly attendance of regular class sessions is essential. Students should also expect to attend some extra rehearsals, especially in the weeks leading up to the performance(s). Short written assignments will develop writing skills and encourage students to reflect on the play, the progress of our production, and introductory theoretical texts on performance and Brecht. This will be a truly rewarding experience that will help improve your German skills in a fun and constructive environment!

Der Weltuntergang (2013)

Last year, Beatrice Waegner directed Jura Soyfer’s „Der Weltuntergang.“ Click the poster for the video of the performance.

Der Weltuntergang

Play Performance Titles from the past:

Der Weltuntergang (Jura Soyfer)
Der gestiefelte Kater (Ludwig Tieck)
Die Dreigroschenoper (Bertold Brecht)
Der grüne Kakadu (Arthur Schnitzler)
Frühlings Erwachen (Franz Wedekind)
Leben und Tod der Marilyn Monroe (Gerlind Reinshagen)
Die deutschen Kleinstádter (August von Kotzebue)
Romulus der Grosse (Friedrich Dürrenmatt)
Herr Puntila und sein Knecht (Bertold Brecht)
Leonce und Lena (Georg Büchner)
Von morgens bis mitternachts (Georg Kaiser)
Hamletmaschine (Heiner Müller)

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